A curated collection of articles of interest for owners of Cairn Terriers.

The following articles share the experiences of various club members but do not specifically represent the views of the CTCA.

The Road to Becoming a Therapy Team

Lucy waiting for instructions
On a warm spring afternoon, Lucy and I stand in front of a tall stockade gate in suburban Fort Collins, Colorado. On the other side of the gate is a panel of 3 judges who will observe Lucy and I perform all of the tasks required to become a therapy team.

Raising Good Canine Citizens

We all want a Cairn Terrier who exudes confidence, especially in the conformation ring and especially in males. But often in the breed ring, what we think is confidence is a sign of weak nerves, and as dog behaviorism permeates a new generation of judges, it’s going to start being seen that way and start being faulted as such.

Cairn Coats Can Change Color

A variety of adult Cairn Terrier coat colors.
Are you aware that Cairns can change coat color over the course of their lives? To learn more about the various shades of Cairn, please read this article by long-time Cairn breeder and AKC Judge Pat Joyce.

Diving and Cairns: Dock Diving is a Splash!

Dock Diver
I have two dock diving cairns. One that was born to it and one that has struggled for three summers to learn to jump. It’s just like with people—some take to the water immediately, others don’t.

All About the RAT: The World of Barn Hunt

Brindle Cairn at Barn Hunt
With over 20,000 dogs registered and competing through the United States and Canada, Barn Hunt is one of the fastest growing competitive dog sports in the country.

Trick or Treat? Why Choose Just One?

Trick dogs
Trick Dog events are one of the AKC’s fastest growing programs and Cairns love to perform tricks.

Digging in to Earthdog

Earth Dog
Earthdog is the sport that most closely matches what our beloved Cairns were bred for—to go to ground and engage with quarry.