Keeping your Cairn Terrier looking good is all about regular grooming. Cairns don’t need endless trips to the groomers, but they do need some general upkeep on your part to prevent mats and keep them looking tidy. Here are some tips:

Adult Cairn after grooming
  • Use a pin brush weekly as it reaches through the thick undercoat and grooms the rough topcoat, though some owners prefer a comb to help work through tangles.
  • A periodic hand-stripping is recommended for your Cairn to keep their coat texture harsh and dirt-proof.
  • You only need to bathe this breed rarely because of their waterproof double-coat—you don’t want to chance robbing their coat of its natural protective oils. Also, choose a shampoo made especially for breeds with “hard coats,” since these are formulated especially for them.
  • Don’t forget about those nails. Long nails are super uncomfortable for pups, so trim them regularly. The more you do it, the more used to it they’ll become.
  • Keeping the hair around the eyes trimmed helps keep them healthy (and able to see).
  • Pay attention to their toes—this is a curious, active breed, so make sure their feet are trimmed, well-maintained, and ready for adventure.

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