Code of Ethics

General Goals and Conduct

As members of the Cairn Terrier Club of America, we pledge:

  • To protect the integrity of the Cairn Terrier breed, and to promote the improvement of the breed in accordance with the breed standard.
  • To promote the understanding and appreciation of the breed.
  • To foster a cooperative, helpful and productive spirit at dog shows, obedience and sporting trials, and other events.
  • To value and promote sportsman-like conduct and communication among Cairn owners and breeders.
  • To encourage rescue programs for the Cairn Terrier breed to help ensure that all Cairn Terriers have a good home.
  • To provide a clean, healthy, safe and otherwise positive environment for Cairn Terriers and to ensure proper and regular veterinary care as needed.
  • To advertise and otherwise communicate fairly, honestly and constructively concerning dogs that we own, co-own, or otherwise have a personal interest in.
  • To abide by the Constitution and Bylaws of the CTCA and the rules of the American Kennel Club (AKC).

Public Trust

As members of the Cairn Terrier Club of America, we value the confidence and trust others have placed in us as club members and breeders of Cairn Terriers. Accordingly, we are committed to excellence in our breeding programs, full disclosure to others, and forthrightness in our dealings and transactions. We specifically pledge:

  • To the best of our ability, to disclose known conditions and special circumstances of Cairn Terriers placed by us, including genetic conditions, temperament and general behavior, soundness, record of inoculations, and medical records. Within reason, we will strive to disclose all information that would materially affect the health or value of the Cairn, and will disclose all other information that a typical person under the circumstances would consider important in the decision to purchase the dog. The disclosure requirement includes only information that is reasonably available to a typical Cairn breeder. It does not create a duty to provide medical tests or evaluations beyond what is usual and customary for a Cairn Terrier breeder, unless specifically requested by the purchaser.
  • To place in new homes Cairns that are in healthy condition with reasonable prospects for continued good health. We pledge not to place Cairn Terriers with known conditions that are life threatening and/or seriously detrimental to the animal’s well being such as blindness, deafness, lameness or impairment of the vital functions without complete disclosure to--and understanding of--the new owner.
  • To refrain from breeding carriers of genetic problems unless the breeding is conducted reasonably, carefully, knowledgeably, and under controlled circumstances, and as part of an overall good-faith program of line rehabilitation or enhancement.
  • To control the breeding of Cairns with (i) known genetic problems or (ii) that are clearly inferior specimens, considering type, temperament, soundness and other factors. When it is appropriate to place such pet-quality Cairn Terriers with the general public, we will register the Cairns as non-breeding stock. In the alternative, we will obtain the written consent of the transferee to withhold A.K.C. registration papers of such Cairns until the Cairns are spayed or neutered, at which time papers may be furnished unless applicable law requires otherwise. We will provide purchasers of puppies with accurate and valid papers to include a minimum three-generation pedigree and a written statement as to whether a particular guarantee is provided (including any terms, conditions or limitations to the guarantee), together with complete medical records and instructions for care and feeding.
  • To make available to the novice the benefit of our advice and experience, and to help educate the public with regard to the standard and care of the Cairn Terrier.
  • To take back or attempt to make suitable rescue arrangements for Cairns placed by us with individuals who can no longer care for them.

Breeding Practices

We are committed to promoting quality in our breeding of purebred Cairn Terriers and to doing all that is possible to bring their natural qualities to perfection. We specifically pledge:

  • To familiarize ourselves thoroughly with the breed standard of the Cairn Terrier as defined by the Club of America and strive to breed dogs and bitches of characteristic breed type, sound structure and temperament, which are free of genetically transmitted debilitating defects.
  • To base our breeding decisions upon moral, medical, ethical as well as practical concerns, accepting responsibility for our actions in recognition that as breeders we occupy a position of trust and responsibility to our breed and its fanciers.
  • To breed bitches only when they are of suitable age to be bred and of suitable health. Members offering dogs at stud will request similar assurances of the bitches to be bred. In keeping with AKC guidelines, males should not be bred before seven months of age.
  • To refrain from breeding a bitch unless proper facilities and adequate time are available to care for puppies. Members offering dogs at stud will request similar assurances from the owners of bitches to be bred.
  • To keep and properly care for puppies until they are suitably placed. The CTCA supports inoculating all puppies and adults with customary vaccines. A record of all such inoculations will be provided to the purchaser prior to the transfer of ownership. However, understanding that some breeders do practice holistic medicine and have a bonafide objections to inoculations, a full and prominent written disclosure of non-inoculations prior to transfer of ownership will be acceptable.
  • To avoid from engaging in wholesaling, mass production, or distribution of Cairn Terriers and from selling breeding stock to pet dealers, catalog houses or other commercial sources of distribution. To avoid supplying Cairn Terriers for raffles, lotteries or prize-giving contests. To avoid and admonish these and any similar activities that would belittle or trivialize the breed or place profit before home-based quality care and breeding.
  • To screen prospective buyers of Cairn Terriers to ensure suitability to own and care for a Cairn Terrier. Also, to advise prospective buyers of the characteristics of the breed and the need for grooming, exercise and other care.
  • To impress upon buyers that they should contact the breeder in the event of a problem with their Cairn Terrier. To make a genuine effort to be of assistance to buyers if a problem arises.

The intent of the Cain Terrier Club of America ‘s Code of Ethics is to protect the welfare of the Cairn Terrier and to provide education to its membership and the general public. Members should bear in mind that adherence to this Code of Ethics represents a commitment to a high standard of practice in owning and breeding Cairn Terriers. This Code of Ethics details certain minimum practices necessary to uphold the objectives of the Cairn Terrier Club of America, as outlined in Article I, Section 2 of our Constitution.